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Italy ( Mainland )
Italy ( Mainland )
Italy ( Mainland )

Italy ( Mainland )

Italy is a fascinating country and offers a huge range of holiday choices. Combining coastal fun, culture and natural beauty, holidays here will deliver on every level.

The country’s coastline is perhaps what inspires most travellers to take a holiday in Italy. All-round resorts such as Palinuro and Lido di Jesolo have vast beaches, ideal for watersports enthusiasts, families with children and sunbathers. Beach resorts in Italy are always well-equipped and every holidaymaker will be able to find evening entertainment to suit their own taste. To fully appreciate the country’s fabulous coast, visitors should travel along the cliff top roads of the famous Amalfi Drive.

History buffs will be in awe of all that the country has to offer. Brimming with reminders of its intricate past, the country’s incredible heritage can be seen through its Roman ruins, Renaissance art and mediaeval towns. Ancient cities such as Florence and Venice are a delight to visit, and have become iconic, thanks to their unique Italian culture and feel.

In regions such as Tuscany and Umbria, visitors can experience the stunning beauty of Italy’s countryside. Vineyards and olive groves spread over rolling hills and are dotted with old-fashioned farms and villages. The Lake Garda region is equally as attractive, boasting a sweeping lake surrounded by lush green banks and pretty resorts. 

Flight time to Italy: 3 hours

Time difference: +1 hours


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