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Limassol lies on Cyprus’s southeast coast and is the island’s biggest and liveliest resort, brimming with attractions.

It has an appealing mixture of beach holiday relaxation and an energetic and lively town. With a seven mile stretch of seafront, it offers a series of popular sandy beaches, with a broad range of watersports. Quieter and more secluded beaches can be found on the outskirts of the town.

Holidays in Limassol boast all forms of entertainment and are packed with history, shopping and nightlife. The resort has an unrivalled lively and friendly atmosphere, with scores of restaurants, bars and shops, while the nightlife is buzzing.

While the resort offers camel rides, two water parks, diving, windsurfing and snorkelling, it is also easy to explore the rest of the island. Boat trips along the coastline are also an enjoyable and scenic way to spend a day.

The town is also home to some of the ancient world’s most important sights. History exudes from the old amphitheatre, the historical site of the Ancient Kingdom and the ancient Grecian wonders, further afield.

Rich in entertainment and culture, Limassol also has a fantastic beach and a friendly atmosphere.  

Transfer times-

Larnaca or Paphos Airport to Limassol: 1hr to 1hr 30mins approx


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