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Madeira lies undisturbed by neighbours in the Atlantic Ocean, 1000 kilometres away from its parent country, Portugal. Known for its extraordinary flora and fauna, the island often attracts nature lovers – the Romans referred to it as the Purple Islands, thanks to its beautifully coloured vegetation. The capital city, Funchal, is a popular destination for a Madeira holiday.

For such a small island, it manages to squeeze a lot in. Its landscape is made up of volcanic craters, imposing mountain ranges and tropical green areas. Many travellers come to Madeira simply to enjoy strolling around and exploring its natural features.

Its coast is full of rugged character, but does not have tropical beaches to match its greenery. The shoreline is made up of large pebbles and some black volcanic sand, but is still a good spot from which to soak up the sunshine.

The capital is bursting with both traditional charm and a modern feel. Its narrow cobbled-streets are lined with attractions for every holidaymaker. Bars, restaurants and clubs will keep partygoers entertained by night. Museums, historical attractions and shopping will satisfy sightseers during the day.

Flight duration to Madeira: 3.5 hours

Time difference: +1 hour


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