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Marrakech is known as one of the most colourful and culturally fascinating cities in the world and will prove popular with adventurous tourists.

DJemaa el-Fna, the city’s central square, is said to be the busiest in the whole continent of Africa. It is the best place to experience the charm of a Marrakech holiday – the sound of drums, flutes and the call of muezzins all recall a forgotten time.

For a very different shopping experience, head to the aromatic souk marketplaces. The colourful stalls sell leather goods, woodwork, perfume and spices.

There are worthwhile attractions away from the old city too. The ‘ville nouvelle’, or new town, is home to some great bars, restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

An incredible landscape can be seen from just outside the rampart walls of the city. A holiday in Marrakech should include a day of exploring the Atlas Mountains and the lush valley of Ourika.

Transfer times-

Marrakech (Menara) Airport to Marrakech: 30mins approx
Agadir Airport to Marrakech: 3hrs approx


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