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Praia Da Rocha

Praia Da Rocha

Praia da Rocha was one of the first holiday resorts in the Algarve, having developed into a year-round sun getaway for tourists in the 1930s. Families, couples and night owls will love Praia da Rocha for the vibrant atmosphere and entertainment to be found amid such strikingly beautiful coastal scenery. It is well developed and has excellent facilities, giving the resort a thoroughly contemporary feel.

One of the main draws of a Praia da Rocha holiday is its exceptionally spacious and sandy beach. It is backed by cliffs bursting with character, having been moulded into remarkable shapes over time. The beach will prove popular with couples, families and fans of watersports.

Its cliff top promenade stretches for one mile and is lined with eateries, watering-holes and shops of all description. Restaurants and bars here are very much aimed at Irish and British travellers who will feel as if this resort is a sunnier home away from home.

Nights here can be as low-key or as boisterous as visitors please, with everything from karaoke to all-night clubbing. 

Transfer times-

Faro Airport to Praia da Rocha: 2hrs approx


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