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Tunisia is North Africa’s smallest country and attracts visitors all year round due to its reliable Mediterranean climate. Its resorts offer a quirky combination of the old and new – ancient walled towns lie not far from well-equipped coastal areas.

Hammamet is the country’s oldest tourist area and is often called the ‘garden resort’, thanks to its spectacular display of plant life. As with all of Tunisia’s resorts, beaches here are exceptional. Stretches of powdery white sand and turquoise waters create the ideal conditions for sun-bathing, paddling or water-sports.

For a taste of traditional life, visitors should get lost for a day within the walls of the ancient medinas. Moorish architecture and lively markets provide an authentic backdrop for a Tunisia holiday. The city of Monastir makes a great day-trip destination, due to its old monasteries and museums. The resort at Port el Kantaoui was built quite recently, but its look has been modelled on traditional Arabic style.

Resorts such as Sousse are typical of the country’s holiday style – sparkling seafront entertainment and relaxed beach days, matched with the hustle and bustle of captivating North African towns.

Flight time to Tunisia: 4 hours

Time difference: +2 hours


Resorts in Tunisia