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Package Holidays vs. DIY Holidays

The choice between a package holiday or booking flights and accommodation separately is one holiday-makers face regularly. There are advantages to both, and your choice should depend on your own needs.

Package holidays provide your flights and accommodation, and usually airport transfers, in one neat bundle. Organised by a travel agent or online, they mean you don’t have to worry about booking things yourself and you are guaranteed a holiday rep to look after any problems you may have. You can also book activities in advance or go all-inclusive so you don’t have to spend anything at all once you get there.

The only issue often brought up with this is that it can sometimes work out more expensive than booking flights and accommodation separately. Cheap accommodation at the last minute can often be found online and cheap flights are easy to come by. It just means sifting through the information yourself and going without a holiday rep.

Family holidays, large group holidays and young and lively holidays can work well as packages. It can take the stress out of organising things yourself and give you the peace of mind of having someone to look after your needs or tell you where the best clubs are. Accommodation only can be a good option if you are traveling on dates or for a length of time that is not available through a package holiday. It is also a good option for a cheap holiday or last minute deal where you won’t require any activities or extras or you already have alternative transport to your destination.

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